Bastnezīts (Bastnaesite (Bastnasite))

"These cherry coke colored crystals are here to share information from ancient earth cultures, as old as Mother Earth herself. This is a crystal that carries the energy of wood nymphs, fairy realms, and mystical forests. Bastnaesite (also spelled Bastnasite) helps to achieve a profound connection with every aspect of nature.

Bastnaesite is especially helpful for those who heal with herbs and other plant medicines. It will aid in absorption of information as one studies these healing modalities. The piece I held, showed me a cottage, deep in a dense wooded area. Inside, a small, gray haired lady; a well-respected herbalist/alchemist, concocting medicinal herb remedies.

Bastnaesite crystals are for those who want to deepen their connection (or to reconnect) with Mother Earth. Bastnaesite will physically ground you to the absolute core of Mother Earth. If you have a somewhat difficult time getting or staying grounded, this piece is definitely for you!

There is a revolution of sorts going on in our culture right now. The "Green" movement has inspired a life of simplicity, a "back to basics" mentality, working with the gifts that nature provides and a return to responsible living. Working with Bastnaesite will enhance this passion and share valuable information in the process!

Bastnaesite works specifically with the Root Chakra in a very powerful way. It enhances our survival skills and basic, common sense instincts. Use Bastnaesite to ease physical trauma and help to heal from traumatic experiences. Bastnaesite will assist with blood and blood related issues." [4]

Krāsa Pelēka[4], Dzeltena[4], Brūna[4], Dzeltenbrūna[4], Balta[4]
Cietība 4,5 - 5[4]
Čakra 1. saknes Muladhara[4], Čakras atkarībā no krāsas[4]
Vibrācija 7[4], 6[4]
Zodiaks visas[4]
Kaites Trauma[4], Smēķēšana[4], Sieviešu reproduktīvie orgāni[4], Olnīcas[4], Menstruālie krampji[4], Kaitīgs ieradums[4], Asins traucējumi[4]
Emocionālā ietekme Tikt galā[4], Pārmaiņas[4]
Garīgā ietekme Sapņi[4], Iezemēšanās[4], Gaišredzība[4]
Sastopamība Diezgan reta[4]
Minerālu klase Karbonāts[4]
Atradnes Brazīlija[4], Kanāda[4], Ķīna[4], Krievija[4], Namībija[4]