Zilais kianīts (Blue Kyanite)

Blue kyanite helps open psychic ability, enhances telepathic communication, assists in lucid dreaming. Combines well with green kyanite to open the heart chakra. [5]

Blue Kyanite is especially good for working with the Throat Chakra and communication issues. Blue Kyanite helps to speak one’s truth with clarity, making it a great stone for public speakers and performers. Blue Kyanite is also useful for healing throat and voice ailments. Blue Kyanite also facilitates an alignment of all the subtle bodies, creating a larger and stronger aura.

An excellent Third-Eye Chakra stone, Blue Kyanite can pull very high vibrations in through this chakra to be processed as messages from other realms. It can also transfer a high vibration, allowing for an opening of psychic abilities, especially during meditation. Blue Kyanite can also be used to promote lucid dreaming and astral travel.

In general, Kyanite aligns all of the chakras, and can be used to open them as well. Kyanite also aligns all layers of the aura. This makes Kyanite an excellent choice for any type of balance or energy work.

Kyanite transmits and amplifies high-frequency energies, making it a great stone for attunements and meditation. Kyanite brings a calming, tranquilizing energy to the body. Kyanite clears and calms you in preparation for meditation, and assists in receiving intuitive and psychic thoughts, as well as dream recall. Kyanite restores Qi (or Ki) to the physical body, and balances yin/yang energies.

Please Note: Although Kyanite may not need clearing/cleansing as often as most crystals, we suggest clearing your Kyanite as often as is needed, based on (1) the amount of use it gets (how hard is your crystal working for you?) and (2) the amount of energy that your crystal has been exposed to over a period of time. When clearing your crystals, always make sure that your intent is clearly stated, so the crystal knows that it is being given some time off and needs to recharge itself. [4]

SaderZaļais kianīts[5], Staurolīts[5], Zilais turmalīns[5]
Krāsa Zila[5][4], Sudrabaini balta[5]
Čakra 5. kakla (Throat) Višudhu[4][5], 6. trešās acs (Third Eye) Adžnu[4], Aktivizē visas[4]
Vibrācija 4[4]
Zodiaks Zivis (Pisces)[4], Svari (Libra)[4], Vērsis (Taurus)[4], Auns (Aries)[4]
Kaites Vairogdziedzeris[4], Trieka[4], Smadzenes[4], Rīkle[4], Runa[4], Nervu sistēma[4], Kaulu smadzenes[4], Kustīgums[4], Audu dzīšana[4]
Emocionālā ietekme Saspīlējums[4], Sazināšanās[4], Publiskā runa[4], Meditācija[4], Klusums[4]
Garīgā ietekme Vīziju meklējumi[4], Vizualizācija[4], Telepātija[4], Psihiskās spējas[4], Izkliedēt negāciju[4], Astrālie ceļojumi[4]
Minerālu klase Silikātu minerāls[4]
Ķīmiskā formula Al2SiO5 - alumīnija silikāts[4]
Atradnes Brazīlija[4], Indija[4]